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Originally Posted by scott784 View Post
I was up in my attic recently and was reminded about the extreme heat up there during the summer months. That said, it made me think about something. Giving the fact that attics can sometimes reach 150 degrees during the summer, does this impact the lifetime of coax cables in the attic?
Hello scott

Heat will affect the life of the coax, but black coax on a black shingle roof outside can also get very hot. Don't use white RG6, it doesn't hold up as well as black.
I had my home pre-wired a couple of years ago when it was built for antenna wiring from my rooms up to the attic for my antenna. I simply grabbed the available standard RG6 cables that I found, at the time, from Lowe's and some from Home Depot - never thinking about such things as quad shield cabling.
The RG6 that you buy should be plenum rated for safety. Quad shielding won't hurt, but it is a little harder to work with and you must get the right size connectors. Quad shielding usually isn't necessary for interference rejection, but the extra shielding can reduce the voltage drop to a preamp in a long run.
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