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Originally Posted by bobsgarage
Posts #1,5,7,8,9 I can't see any attachments. So, if you can e-mail or Dropbox a folder with the attachments, that would be great.

BTW, Array #2 is functional, but some technical issues have to be solved. I combined array 1 & 2 and got real CH 8 (10.1) 12.1, 18.1, are clear, anything higher, no lock or UHF was spotty, quite Pixelated.

I split the signals and attached array#2 to RF Input #2. Horrible. Not getting anything from Milwaukee going into Input 2 on my TV.

Plugged array#1 into Input#2, No stations, looks like a problem with Input 2, Hmmm, when I had Cable TV on that input, it was fine. I'll revisit that later. Maybe I'll try my Zenith or Tivax tuners.

Also, I'm using my old Radio Shack rotator on array#2. I don't have the instructions any more, so I set it up how I remembered. Full sweep both ways, then go to 180 degrees South with controller and then aim antennas due south. I hope that makes sense.

However, the rotator is not making a full sweep, it appears to stop at 345 degrees instead of 360 and the other way stops at about 25 degrees instead of 1 degree. I may have to sight in the antenna to Milwaukee and tighten it down and rotate from there.


I see we have some other members joining this thread. That's great! This is how I imagined it working.
Thanks, Bob
You didn't answer my question about what images you can see in the posts. Some of the attachments are duplicates of the images in the posts because I upload them as attachments first and then add a BB code to show them in the post.

I will have to show ALL of the attachments. I wanted to avoid doing that if you can ALREADY see the image in the post.
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