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Originally Posted by bobsgarage
I agree, simple is better, and complication has set in.

Most it came about due to:

a) Windload. I didn't know what the windload would be on two 165" Winegards, and the profile on the UHF & VHF appears much smaller to me.

b) Not trusting the HDB91x, side by side, the 91 XG is much sturdier. Putting that HDB high on a mast and having the Balun break again or having a bird bend a director would be aggravating to service.

c) Availability of another tripod and mast system in excellent condition.

Short of contacting a wind load engineer I have come up on a dead-end of mast suggestions, so I will wing it, conservative to a point. I feel the two smaller antennas can be observed on a high wind day and make decisions based on that.

One member, "Stereocraig" did respond to your Antenna mounting advice question, I think more so because he has seen my racecar in front of the shop and is familiar with our locality. He thought 3/16 guy wires were overkill but good and had good suggestions on tripod and predrilling.

I did good by him with predrilling and although I could not hit the rafters, I put 2x12" planks between them and through bolted the 1/2" eye bolts, and 4 guy wires instead of the usual 3.

I did send him a private message with some supplemental info a week ago. No reply yet.

At any rate, my project has evolved and some might think unmanageable (sometimes I do).

Experimenting is cool, but making it all work above the trees does make it unmanageable to an extent, which is why I want to take my time, spend money to make it safe first. I haven't achieved even that yet (videos).

Thus all the questions.

Thanks for taking the questioning load on this one, as you know the forum is broken with no one administrating. I have thought about joining the AVS forums, I think I saw you there also, but just didn't join yet.

I could draft up a plan, for others to understand but I'm not efficient with the drawing programs I have.

If you want to submit a post about what I want to do, and add it to what you did already, feel free. That's probably a good idea, because I am looking at it from the inside and overthinking it, one of my quirks.

Thanks, Bob
I will post it on the forum. Maybe you will receive some more helpful advice from other members.

Posting your problem on AVS would be a good idea; they don't have a shortage of moderators.

One problem with AVS is that they loaded the site with so many ads, it takes a long time for a post to show because the script for the ads takes priority over the posts. And it doesn't help that they switched to a new forum software that is less user friendly.

The software for this forum is much more user friendly.
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