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Originally Posted by bobsgarage
I have been so busy, here's an update:

I had been looking at the Kitz pre-amps and the KT-200 looks good to me. It seems to be a pain though, at twice the price of a LNA -200 and the need to make a waterproof box. Just one question on amps though.

Budget being what it is, since I already have a Winegard LNA-200 which is fairly low in noise (1dB) would my LNA-200 be OK?

I know the noise not as low as the KT-200's .4 dB, but is it worth the $50 difference in my case?

I received a 91XG and two Stellar Labs 30-2476 VHF antennas. I liked the price on the 30-2476 and since there are no other VHF antennas out there I got 2.

Subnote--I thought one day I may combine the 2 VHF, for fun... What would be involved to make the 3 work (two VHF and one UHF) together? Maybe not worth the trouble?

IN any case, I will most likely stick with my latest plan, keep smaller sized antennas (outlined below) for reduced wind load and rotate them. This is really critical. If I see that the "south" system looks stable up on the mast, I could add to it.

1) I will have another tripod "north array" for Milwaukee and I have the HDB91X that I will join with the 2nd 30-2476 using a UVSJ.

2a) Sleeve my 1 3/8" antenna mast with 1" SCH 40 galvanized water pipe, through bolt it on a few places, raise the guyed thrust bearing to just under the VHF antenna. This should eliminate the twist seen in the videos.

2b) I also have a guy wire collar to support the lower mast if needed.

3) Install the XG91 at the top with the 30-2476 under by just a couple of feet so the unsupported mast is only a few feet over the guyed bearing. ("south array")
BTW, I designed a heavier duty thrust bearing for joining both masts. It is over kill, but I plan to leave it up a long time, I'll send pics later, it is done, just waiting for the cold galvanizing to set up.

For now, I bought a UVSJ and will join the VHF and UHF.

3) I want to join the "north" and "south" antenna at the Winegard CC-7870 combiner. Here's my dilemma. I will have a fairly long run of RG-6 down the "south" "tall mast" probably 40+ feet.

If I join the "north" (probably 20 feet up) array with the "south" will the difference in cable runs mess things up? Will it even work?

My alternative is just to use input 1 & 2 on the TV.

Let me know what you think as time permits. Can't do anything this weekend, high winds and no time.

Thanks, Bob
Hi, Bob:

I thought more people would comment on your problem if I posted it.

Your project is getting so complicated it is making my head spin. I prefer a simple system; more reliable and easier for a non-tech person to use.

I don't think you need a preamp for the stronger signals from the south, but you can try the preamp with the north signals.

Using a combiner doesn't always work; you just have to try it.
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