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Request for antenna mounting advice by would-be poster stuck in limbo

bobsgarage has been waiting for over two months to be able to post on this forum. I have been able to answer some reception questions for him by PM, but I don't have the experience to give him good answers about his antenna mounting problem. He asked me to post his question in the open forum to receive advice from members with the proper experience.

Bob lives in Zion, IL midway between Milwaukee and Chicago and wants to receive signals from both cities but doesn't want to use his rotator except for fine adjustments. He realizes that combining the two antennas doesn't always work and for now is considering separate coax lines. He also understands that it is possible to remove the reflector from a UHF bowtie antenna to make it bi-directional for both cities with some limitations.

His main concern now is safe mounting of his antennas in the land of the "Windy City."

He presently has a HDB91X UHF antenna at the top of the mast aimed at Milwaukee, and a Radio Shack VU-210XR VHF/UHF antenna below it aimed at Chicago, depending on rotator aim.

He is surrounded by tall trees and is trying to raise his antennas high enough to clear them. He made a video with the camera creatively mounted on a 20 ft pole to take photos at antenna height. I made two stills from the video. The first is the UHF antenna aimed at Milwaukee:

the second is the RS antenna aimed at Chicago, which has the stronger signals:

Bob's PM:

Be sure to look at video #3; there is a LOT of antenna movement in the wind. The music is wind chimes.
Originally Posted by bobsgarage
Good Morning,

Funny, Still not approved for posting on TVFool.

I have some concerns.

This morning we are having high winds. The weather says 22 MPH winds, 53 MPH gusts and since I don't anemometer, I have to believe it.

I feel that before I add any more antennas or raise the mast, I will have to go heavier on the antenna mast pipe or sleeve it.

Here's some more award winning Video. The wind noise is a little irritating, especially the ones from standing on my rooftop. At one time, it felt unsafe, even just with a small video camera. "Now, that was a gust":

Also, I could go closer to the top with my guyed thrust bearing and/or add another guyed bearing under.

Is there any effect on reception with guy wires? Mine are 3/16".

I am going to revamp the whole antenna arrangement and make it more wind worthy.

How wind worthy is the CM-4228HD compared to the longer yagi types like the HD7698P ?

All suggestions treated seriously.

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