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antenna mount recommendation?

Hello all,

I currently have a Winegard 7694p on my roof. I mounted it using an existing dish network mount, but the problem is that it's not at the best location. It's fairly low and facing directly into my neighbors house. CBS and ABC come in well, but Fox and NBC are very patchy and sometimes don't come in at all. I'm thinking that remounting at the top of my roof would help this. It's probably a good 15 feet higher or so and would be above the neighbor's house.

Can anyone recommend a good mount for the Winegard 7694p? Any other mounting supplies I should make sure to get? Also, any links for easy to follow mounting instructions? I'm moderately handy, but not a roofer or handyman by any means.

Do I need to get a bigger antenna while I'm at it, or is mine sufficient if raised? My tvfool report is at .

Thanks in advance for any advice. I'll also provide more info if it's needed.
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