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Another interesting read.

Listened to radio shows such as: Dragnet, Suspense Theater, Gunsmoke, and the Lone Ranger.
You may have listened to the Lone Ranger but I bet you don’t still have a Hopalong Cassidy wristwatch!

I was discouraged by ADTech’s findings with his LNA-200. He’s very up-front about his test equipment and the constraints of his test environment, so even if they are contributors to his absolute measurements, his relative findings are invaluable. He had previously mentioned testing an RCA TVPRAMP1R amplifier and posted his findings for me. Like most others, it didn’t quite meet advertised but was many dB’s closer than some designs that I already own. I ordered one last week (for $22.80 delivered!) and in my environment it didn’t show any signs of overload. Subjectively, my SNR’s seem better with the RCA than with either of my Winegards. I posted his information and my results in a new thread titled “RCA TVPRAMP1R Amplifier” @ {} if you want to take a look. Last night, I ordered a second one to try with my tower array.
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