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This is starting to remind me of a time when we listened to the radio every Saturday night for the next installment of Boston Blackie or the Shadow –great stuff.

Yesterday, Time Warner dropped KCBS {RF 43}(channel 2.1 which carries a lot of the shows my wife & I watch, especially the evening news @5,6 & 11) KCAL RF 9 channel 9.1, plus all of our Showtime & Movie channels.

A somewhat compensating factor was that the noise figure of the RC-9267 was considerably better than of a CM-7777.
OTA, I get 9 pretty reliably but CBS {RF 43, 2- Edge with a Noise Margin of -22.1 dB @ -112.90 dBm} comes & goes especially during late afternoon early evening hours. Do you think I would see any improvement swapping out my 91XG’s PCT MA2-M 2.7 dB NF amplifier with one of the new Winegard LNA-200’s that they claim has a 1 dB NF on UHF? Or would the improvement be “in-the-noise” –so to speak?

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