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Thx for the info on the cable specs, could explain some of the loss in quality that I experienced in the past with cable.

Based on your information, I have decided to:

-Replace my cable with the RG6
- centrally locate the antenna (20ft from splitter)to shorten the cable runs to each TV
- 4 room locations approx 25-30Ft from splitter
-purchase amp to boost signal

A couple more questions and I think I have enough info to start laying out what is needed and to start shopping around.

-The amp: is it better to have it outdoors on the antenna, prior to the splitter or both?
-All Channel antennas:

A sticky on the site talks about "all channel" antennas; my original plan was to have one directional for the VHF channels (since they are all within 4 degrees off one another) and a separate UHF antenna for the one station that is in the opposite direction mounted on the same pole . However after reading the post I am tempted to go that route. My only concern is that it looks very similar to a directional, so I'm not sure that it would pick up the UHF; also a little more expensive. Have you had any experience using all channels and is my concern justified?

thx again
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