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Additional Reports

O.K guys here are the two additional reports plus one. Probably should have pointed out that even though the antenna is only on a 20 foot mast it is already on a hilltop that probably constitutes at least another 10 foot rise from our home. So, we also added a report for 30 feet. Thanks so much for your help and we'll take a look at the Winegard HD5030 and the other amp(already looked at 91XG). Unfortunately at this time...and we bet you all have never heard this...we are on a pretty limited budget right now and that is why we were thinking more about the Winegard HD-9032. That, and an old post by someone called "Tigerbangs"!That being said, it looks like only a $20 difference between the 91XG and the 9032 at Solid Signal so we will revisit that if we go the two antenna route. Also, we probably will not be able to do the tower thing in the foreseeable future.
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