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Mountains+Multipathing= Bad reception...HELP!

Our report:

Hi all,

First time poster, long time sufferer...of bad T.V. reception.

We are in Southwest Virginia at the bottom of the convergence of two mountains.We are in a valley at about 2100 feet and the high ridges just behind us are at about 3500 feet.The two mountains form a "V". We are just about in the middle of the narrow end of the "V".The majority of the signals come from the opposite direction from the point of the V and hit inside the mountains' geometry and (we assume) bounce around inside this "V".We assume this because we must point our old Radio Shack VU-190XR at about 225 degrees to receive any usable signal when we should be pointing at 96 degrees...where we receive ABSOLUTELY NO signal.We also assume that multipathing must also come from this bouncing/reflecting and be part of our poor reception problems?

With the 10+ year old VU-190XR, a Winegard 8275 pre-amp, about a 150 foot run of old RG6, two TV's, a Zenith DTT901 and a Magnavox TB110MW9 converter and a single two-way splitter we receive: channels 18, 30, & 36 on a fairly reliable and year around basis; channel 17 is pretty much fine during Fall and Winter but disintegrates about now; channel 3 is never a reliable signal, but can usually be watched at night year round with much breaking up...and then only if all the stars are properly aligned!; channel 13 is usually watchable during Fall and Winter, but went on vacation last week.Channel 8 is also a seasonal visitor only. We have watched at various times channel 5 WCYB in Bristol,TN/VA and channel 9 WSWP in Beckley,WV.

Our objective, however, is just to receive channels 3, 13, and 17 as well as we currently receive channels 18, 30, & 36.

We were considering replacing the RS antenna with a Winegard 8200 or the combination of an Antennacraft CS-1000 and a Winegard HD-9032. We will also be replacing the the RG6 with direct burial RG11. Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Joe & Kim
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