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How to select, or not, a distribution amplifier?

What is the formula that to calculate which, if any distribution amplifiers would fix pixelation?

Recently I bought a Tivo Premier XL. A channel scan shows it finds a signal for WPSJ in Winslow. The signal is sometimes OK, sometimes pixilated.

The run from the antenna to TV is 108’. 2 pieces of cable. First piece is 56’. Second 52’.

TV Fool gives a WPSJ a NM (db) of 37.0. Power (dbM) of –53.8.


Power is available at the end of the first piece of cable. Antenna and hardware are new this time last year. Local channels are perfect. Question came up because of the Tivo box. WPSJ hasn’t shown up when I scanned the TV channels upstairs. Apparently that was because of the splitters.
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