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I live in Charlotte and have a DB8 antenna mounted on the roof with a rotor. The antenna is about 30 feet high (not completely sure because I had someone do the job for me). Anyhow, I am loving this setup right now. Not only do I get all my Charlotte channels, but, I get a majority of the stations out of Winston Sale/Greensboro/High Point. We cut DirectTV this January because the bill just kept going up year after year. Time Warner is not any different. Further, with the internet, you tube, and Netflix, you can practically watch anything you want at any time.

Anyhow, this antenna is wonderful, with Charlotte coming in at over 95% and the out of town channels coming in at anywhere between 65-95%. My only regret is that I would love to get channel 12 (WXII, NBC affiliate) in Winston Salem. They broadcast on actual channel 31.1, which it appears WCCB in Charlotte uses as well. Main goal is to have two of each network. This comes in handy during the NFL season and your local network station is still showing a game that is a blowout and the neighboring town has a close knit game playing. Any suggestions? I tried WIS, channel 10 in Columbia, but didnít have much luck there either.

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