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These Charlotte area Digital Tv stations will be received with the HD7696P antenna.

The main digital channel and the digital sub channels of each digital Tv station.

WCNC-DT REAL UHF channel 22 NBC and digital sub channel Live Well Network.

WBTV REAL UHF channel 23 CBS and digital sub channel Bounce.

WHWD-LD REAL UHF channel 48 Religion.

WJZY-DT REAL UHF channel 47 The CW and digital sub channels , Antenna Tv and This Tv and The Country Network.

WHKY-TV REAL UHF channel 40 IND. and digital sub channels , RTV and Tuff Tv and PBJ.

WMYT-DT REAL UHF channel 39 MyNetwork.

WCCB-DT REAL UHF channel 27 FOX and digital sub channel Me-Tv.

WSOC-DT REAL UHF channel 34 ABC and digital sub channel - a rebroadcast of WXAN IND.

WUNG-TV REAL UHF channel 44 PBS. and digital sub channels ,

And most likely ,

WTVI REAL VHF channel 11 PBS.

WXAN-TV REAL UHF channel 36 Religion.


All information is from wikipedia and

Here is how I look up what is on the Tv stations/channels and More about the Tv stations.

As an Example , In the google search box , I type in variations of Tv stations Call Sign.

whky or whky tv or whky-tv or whky 40 and other varations.

The 2 main web sites that have Practical and Useful Information are that are found by the google search are , wikipedia and

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