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There is a significant difference between the DB8 and the new DB8e. The new antenna has been specifically redesigned to take advantage of the reduced frequency span allocated to UHF TV broadcasting since 2009. Squeezing another 2 dB gain out of the basic 8-bay panel design is a remarkable achievement. However, Antennas Direct has done something I have yet to see any other manufacture do, they made the panels adjustable AND documented the performance of the antenna in various configurations. This adjustable pattern is not needed in every case, but you application is a prime candidate for the feature which the old DB8 lacks.

The DB8 and similar 8-bay panel antennas will have a narrow forward beam pattern, limiting you to reception of one market or the other.

If you had all stations arriving from one direction, the difference between the DB8 and the DB8e would be too small to pay much for..
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