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Could not wait to post to this great forum!

My TVfool report:

I'm awaiting delivery on an AntennaCraft HBU44 which I will mount on my roof about 25' off the ground.

Will have about a 50' run from antenna to TV.

All of the towers I want to receive:
Anything else would be gravy.

Looks like they are all in the same general direction and vicinity in ATL, so I'm hopeful to pick up a few with this setup. I'm hesitant to start with a preamp as I've seen mixed reviews of interference, but will gladly add one if necessary.

I'm curious to hear from anyone with firsthand experience with setting up 50+ miles from signal. Also pros/cons of preamp. Anyone with an opinion about the AntennaCraft or other long range antennas would be welcome as well.

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