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We refresh our data from the Industry Canada database, and as of today (5/31), their database still shows CKVR-TV (ch 3) as "operational" and CKVR-DT (ch 10) as "authorized". This means that in our analysis tools, CKVR-TV will show up as "current" (things we believe are on the air) and CKVR-DT will show up as "pending" (things that may or may not be on the air, but are authorized by the regulator to be on the air).

If you are curious to know what the CKVR-DT signal strength will be like at your location, you can select the "pending" results to see those numbers.

If we have confirmation that CKVR-DT is already on the air, we can modify our database to put it in the "current" category even before Industry Canada makes the update to their database.

We do hope that all the regulators maintain up-to-date databases, but we can make adjustments as necessary when some of the records get out-of-sync with actual transmitter deployments.
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