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AD Tech lets his tongue slip on this UHF,VHF from time to time and it gums up the works.
I see the peanut gallery has arrived. No, JC, my tongue did NOT slip. I know exactly how the C5 works on UHF since I personally did the field trials on it for UHF performance before we re-specified it last winter. Since there's no evidence you've ever used one on UHF (or VHF, even), perhaps you should defer to someone else who has.

SO the C5 can tune UHF? I'm confused as ever now....
Yes. It approximates an omni-directional antenna on the UHF band. The polar plots and VSWR curves for both high-VHF (pages 1-6) and for UHF (pages 7 & 8) are in the tech data sheet at It's usually suitable for uncomplicated UHF at short to moderate range where multi-path isn't severe.

Your location isn't what I would call uncomplicated. You've got a modest rise in elevation on the bearing towards Independence and trees in your immediate line of sight. The UHF-specific C4 will have a much better chance of being successful for you. Situate it a location on your roof that offers the clearest line-of-sight between bearings 280 and 315 true. Best reception will likely be achieved by centering the aim around 295-300 true.

Hook the antenna up to a single TV set with a straight run of coax. Make that work, then, if you're planning on multiple sets, install your splitter or distribution amplifier and re-evaluate your reception. If you've suffered reception loss, then an amplifier, either a pre-amp or distribution amp, is called for, otherwise, you're done.
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