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Hmm... I drove right past the entrance to your lake on my way to a graduation party in Legacy Park on Saturday....

Dave is right in that you probably don't need the C5 and the preamp. However, since TVFool cannot analyze the last several hundred yards accurately, I'd have to see your exact location on a terrain map and a satellite photo to make a "best" determination of what UHF antenna would serve you. If you're on the east side of the lake with a clear view towards KC, a small UHF antenna would be fine. OTOH, if you on one of the western coves with a hill and trees to your back, the C4 might not be successful.

Since you already have the C5, I'd suggest putting it up there. We're over in St Louis, an all-UHF city, in a valley and behind trees and buildings and trees, and the C5 with a CPA19 is the only antenna on our roof. I've never had a bit of signal problem off it in the 9 months it's been up there.

If you'd like me to take a closer look, send me either your GPS coordinates (preferred) or your street address by private message and I'll take a closer look at it.
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