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Why don't people come back and explain what they did?

Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
GypsyCowgirl has just one post and it looks like she isn't coming back.
That's too bad, too. GypsyCowgirl needs to update us.

So many come here for help, receive it and never come back to post their results. I always wonder:

Did the advice help? Which advice?

What did you do or buy?

Did you settle for what you have or improve your reception?

For all the effort that the members put forth at least the results should be posted. A follow-up or simply something like:

(for example) "we didn't want to spend $2-300 on an antenna/mast/amp, so we just settle for the $80 a month cable bill"
OR just a follow up:

(for example) "with the recent bad weather, we can't get up on our roof, we will report back when we have our system up and running"

I guess you can see that irks me!

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