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Originally Posted by johnnyboygomez View Post
That is interesting. When you got all 5 channels did you get them all at once? I would have thought that WPTZ and WCAX would come first then WETK then WFFF then finally WVNY which has the weakest transmitter. But it's probably not that simple.

It's just an interesting experiment because they are all from the same tower which removes many variables
In my case, it was really difficult to get all 5 at once. Even with good UHF-only antennas (HDB91X, HDB8X, dB8e, etc.) it was difficult to find a hot spot on my roof for even the two strongest ones (WCAX and WPTZ) simultaneously. Signals that are 2-edge UHF can be super-finicky like that in terms of hot spots. Even 6-inch movements of the antenna in X, Y, and Z can make a big difference. I ended up mounting the antenna 50' up in a pine tree where I consistently get all five >99% of the time.
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