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Yes, that is true. I have 4 points on the compass to deal with. This why I was thinking about something with a very wide beam width or omnidirectional. Of course, the issue is this type of antenna may be too weak to pick up my out of market stations.

As it is now, things aren't that bad. I live in a relatively well elevated area with no trees, buildings, or homes that are blocking the line of sight in my immediate area. With my present setup (the Clearstream4) pointing to the SW for my out of market stations, I am able to get relatively good overall reception, with the exceptions I described.

There is a repack in the Fall and some of these issues may resolve themselves, to some extent, if I am lucky. And while things aren't that bad (overall), I was just hoping for some feedback on the alternate antennas I mentioned (or others) that may improve my reception as it relates to locking in WJZY and WCNC simultaneously while also stabilizing my local WXII during windy or other inclement weather.


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