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Originally Posted by oak hill View Post
I can see that now.
My antenna is at around 290* but Grit is at 87*. So I'll never pick it up now.
I'll scan every once in a while and see how it goes.
I'll also get a preamp.
I'd hate to have to use an antenna with a rotator. That's a real PITA
Here is a list of stations that have Grit:

Tell me more about your bowtie antenna. Maybe it can be improved.

What are its dimensions? Does it have a reflector?
Can you show us a photo?

Grit is on KJWP on real VHF-Low channel 2, that is in a different direction. You could build a simple antenna for it that could be aimed at 87 degrees to see if you can pick it up. If you connect that antenna alone to your TV and you can pick it up, it could be easily combined with your bowtie antenna with a HLSJ combiner and you wouldn't need a rotator or an A/B switch.

Channel 2 is 54 to 60 MHz. The center of the channel is 57 MHz.
5540/57 = 97 inches for a halfwave dipole

If you can't find 300 ohm twin lead, you can use some 14 gauge solid copper electrical wire for a folded dipole:

If the folded dipole for channel 2 is almost, but not quite, good enough, you can add a director and a reflector to convert it into a 3 element beam:

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