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Ok I was following until JoeAZ reply. I appreciate the support of approach but too much jargon. What do you mean by auction repack?

I would much prefer to get WUTV and CFTO. How do I add the VHF Dipole? I have the ClearStream 2MAX™ on hold at Walmart to pick up and the back reflector on order from Direct. (Antenna was out of stock)

Nevermind, I looked it up. May not need but I would put all the options in place since I am buying it with the dipole in the kit. It can't hurt can it?
In the near future, Rf 38-51 will be unavailable for television broadcasting.
Those frequencies were sold to the highest bidder by the F.C.C. to be used
for other purposes, like cell phones. WIVB, for example, sold it's RF 39 frequency and will be moving with WNLO, CW 23 on Grand Island. With fewer frequencies available, things are going to be more compressed and more limited. The dipole kit will enhance your reception of CFTO and WBBZ without affecting reception of UHF stations. Hope this helps and answers
your concerns......
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