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Actually, my statement of frequency response was done unscientifically. All I know is that without the phase lines twisted together, I was having a harder time picking up channels in the 40+ range and I was having a easier time with the channels in the 15-40 range. Also i would have to move the antenna quite a bit to pick up individual channels. If you look up the home made HDFTV antennas on You Tube, there are two wires that run parallel to each other that connect to the balen. Generally speaking, they say that they should be about 1.25" from each other for the length of the antenna; crossing without ever touching each other. That is why I'm dumfounded that my antenna works even better with the two wires twisted together on either end half way between the top set of ears and the bottom set of ears. I've never seen a set of plans that do it this way. I suppose the end justifies the means. Antenna building seems to be more of an art form rather than a science.
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