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My messed up db4

I made a db4 antenna off a set of plans on You Tube. The problem is my phase line setup is completely different than all the other plans. When I first built it, I thought the crossing of the phase line was suppose make the two wires touch. When I finally realized my mistake, I corrected it only to find that my reception went down the crapper. Now, I went back to my original design. The only difference between my antenna and others of db4 design is that when my phase lines crossover, I twist them tightly around each other two times before going to the final set of wire ears. This makes my antenna violate the 1.25" law that the phase lines are suppose to be away from each other. Does anyone understand why this is happening? With my antenna and a tinfoil reflector, I'm able to get all the stations in two metropolitan areas even though I'm in a purple-pink reception area as reported by TV fool maps. It is an indoor setup at 5' off the ground. Did I stumble upon something new? Can this setup damage anything? I get twice as many stations with this modification along with a much flatter frequency response and a more forgiving directional response.
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