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HBU33 vs. Winegard 7694P - which one gets higher gain

Hi there,

I come across two antennas: AntennaCraft HBU33 and Winegard 7694P.

HBU33 is rated 60miles UHF and 70 miles VHF. Winegard 7694P is said to be rated for only 30 miles for VHF and 25 miles for UHF (from solid signal site).

But when I look @ the dB gain, 7694P has higher gain (8-10dB/High VHF, 10dB/UHF) than HBU33 (7.6dB/High VHF, 7.7dB/UHF). Although HBU33 has somewhat wider half-power beamwidth (57/52) than 7694P (38/34-60).

7694P has a shorter boom length (65") than HBU33 (80").


Perhaps someone can explain this? Or perhaps I am misreading the data?


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