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Retro TV Returns to SOCAL

After several weeks of a down website and continuous complaints by fans across the nation loosing their affiliates on their Facebook page, Retro TV is back online promising, "Big things are on the horizon. Stay tuned!" still shows KWHY 22-2, physical channel 4, as Retro TV coming "Soon."

So, as noted from near the beginning of this thread, we shall see if Retro TV finally returns to SOCAL and other markets across the land. Should we still keep our fingers crossed???


Darren Gross Welcome back to Los Angeles! Thank you thank you thank you!

Rondi Green Lumpkin Welcome back to LA .

Robert Wells My DVR alerted me a couple of weeks ago that KBEH was switching back, but I was waiting until it actually happened before posting anything!!!

Retro Television (posted 10/24/19)
4 hrs
We ba-ack! Los Angeles, California friends, catch The Best in Classic Television on KBEH 63.3, Spectrum 1293, and Frontier 469!

I can confirm that Retro TV has indeed returned to its previous SOCAL display channel, KBEH 63-3, physical channel 4; not as has listed on KWHY 22-2, real 4*. KBEH is transmitting off KWHY's tower. OTA viewers are going to need an antenna that can pick up low VHF as suggested in above posts, 1 & 8.

Let's hope Retro TV will return soon to other affiliates across the nation as well and join SOCAL fans in celebration!

*corrected 10/23/2019

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