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Retro TV Returns to SOCAL

Literally there has been no posting on Retro TVs Facebook page since previous entry above. But this evening PST, there were a number of new comments by fans.

Although they were in response to a new Dr. Who show posted by Retro TV itself, they are relevant to the issue of returning to SOCAL. LA/OC isn't the only market without Retro TV right now. Others around the country are in a similar situation.

So, we continue to wait and hope. The key word is, "Soon." But it's anyone's guess as to what that actually means.....

Jose Alcaraz I finally gotten an old school antenna installed on my roof to get your channel and then come to find out out that you're no longer in Dallas, TX.
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o Alex Newbold Or in Southern NH
 6h
• Fernando Screnci The old DR.WHO is the best Especially With Tom Baker!!!
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• Martin Verlander Not available in Seattle....
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• Mike Mellace Unfortunately retro tv not available in Charleston, WV area... We want retro tv now !!!
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• FreeAtlTV Please have your affiliate in Atlanta GA move RetroTV back to Channel 9. The signal on Channel 12 is too weak.
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o Matt Powers That is up to the affiliate, Retro has absolutely no control over where the affiliate places their channel. Usually the closer the network is to the top of the dial i.e. channel 2, 4, 9, etc. is because of the deal that have with the local network. If Retro isn't willing to pay for a top position on the channel then they will be placed in whatever spots are left.
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FreeAtlTV Matt Powers I was hoping that RetroTV might have some say in where it is placed. I would think the cost would be the same for channel 9 and channel 12 since they are on the same tower and broadcasting at the same power (3kW). I think the only reason the affiliate moved them was so that all the Luken owned stations (The Family Channel, The Action Channel, and RetroTV) would be on the same channel. If RetroTV is losing viewers because of the move they might contact the affiliate. That may be wishful thinking on my part...

Jim Phipps Comcast is so quick to add other over the air channels to their lineup. what is it about Retro TV that they don't like? Is there something that you don't do that the other broadcast channels do? Comcast will never say why they won't add you but after all the years you have been available there must be something you are not doing that prevents you from being picked up by Comcast... and many other cable providers as well. Can someone tell us what that is or will we always only be able to watch you with an antenna?
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Some more fan comments on 8/23/19.....

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Jeff Cooper Cable companies are not required to carry any Low Power stations even the main .1 Spot. The cable companies deal with the individual local station not with Retro TV. They don't even carry all of a Full Power Sub-channels

Anthony M De Franco Retro TV in LA?
• 4h
Lloyd Hooten No Retro TV in Los Angeles. Too bad, so sad.
• 3h
Chris Alex I'd love to watch in LOS ANGELES.... but you lied about coming here.
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More fans calling for Retro TV in their cities on 8/24/19.....

VeeAnn Sattler Can't find Retro in Denver- again

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JJ Whitney Retro off in DC as well.

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Steven J Sillery Patiently waiting Retro's return to the NYC area.

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Londell Jones I've been waiting forever for Retro to come to Dallas, Texas.

Numerous posting continues on Retro TVs Facebook page by both Retro itself (new Dr. Who shows) and fans responding in various ways as above. But one of the most surprising is this comment by Anniversary Follower, Joe Costanzo, regarding a change in channels for Decades TV, opening up the possibility of Retro TV on KAZA MeTV 54-2 (virtual, real channel 22). Could this be true? I've found little confirmation of it so far (nothing on, except two places: and here: So, as they say, stay tuned.....

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Joe Costanzo We need Retro on LA TV 54.2 will be vacant when Decades moves to 11.2 next month
4h (8/24/19 7:53PM)

UPDATE: 8/28/19 shows Decades moving "Soon" to KCOP display 13-5, real channel 13 (or physically 13.9). CORRECTION? Posted 9/9/2019 on Decades website, "Where To Watch," they list KTTV 11-2 display, as to where they will be moving. So, we'll soon find out whether Joe Costanzo or is right. ADDED 9/10/2019 on, apparently Decades will be moving to KTTV 11-2 display, 11.4 physical. How did Joe Costanzo know??? ACTUALLY (9/17/2019) Decades website now lists KTTV 11-4 display AND KAZA 54-2 as to where to watch. On my TVs Screen Guide, indeed, it shows Decades on KTTV 11-4 display, physical 11, but no programs yet; KAZA 54-2 is still broadcasting Decades. Hopefully, this confusing mystery will be resolved very soon now.....As of 9/18/2019, Decades up on KTTV 11-4 display and KAZA 54-2 display; just like Me-TV on both KAZA 54-1 display and KDOC 56-3 display. KTTV 11-4 is a stronger signal, since KAZA has dropped their signal strength to about half due to construction of a new tower, it appears.

A couple more interesting but disturbing Facebook fan comments on 9/4/2019, regarding Denver, CO affiliate KZDN-LD, display 16-2, physical 14.10. Is Retro TV being mismanaged???

Rick Duffy Retro broadcast has been gone for me for a couple weeks (Denver channel 16.2). Is there a problem?
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Jeff Cooper They were leasing the space, and they have not paid so the station dropped them.


More troubling posts from Retro TVs Facebook fans as of 9/18-19/2019, which reflect many more similar comments there.....

Jeff Smedbron Another great series ruined (Dr. Who--Ed.) by the local Retro TV carriers constant technical problems. Either no audio or no video daily for a month now. No audio today.

Michelle Heins I still cant get it in L.A.


Mark Saksa Same here. I haven’t been able to watch Retro for months. I wish they would fix their technical problems already or just take Retro off the air. It’s unwatchable in the Akron/Cleveland area.

Joe Costanzo Please get on an LA station

Fernando Screnci Joe Costanzo , if you have A really good cell phone or tablet, get the pluto App and you can watch it !!
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Joe Costanzo Fernando Screnci I want the actual Retro Ch and I have Pluto already on my TV but ill scan channels see what is what,thanks for reply

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