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Retro TV Returns to SOCAL

UPDATE.....All quiet on the Western Front, unfortunately.

No new postings from Retro TV of any sort as to a launching date for the SOCAL LA/OC markets. And no new postings from fans on Facebook. In fact, as of yesterday, Retro TVs webpage has been down with these words, "Error establishing a database connection." I checked with various search engines but to no avail. I looked at Luken Communications webpage, the parent organization of Retro TV and nothing mentioned there either. In fact, all of the other five family network links on their site loaded except Retro TV. Go figure???*

The only new information I can find was on Wikipedia for KWHY 22 (real channel 4), see above link, where as of 4 days ago when Wikipedia updated the page: "It is expected [according to whom?] at a future date, KWHY-DT2 will shift from Universal Church [disambiguation needed] to Retro Television Network programming." Apparently, Wikipedia is looking for clarification. And their page still shows Retro TV "coming soon" on the Digital channel listings for KWHY; just as, see above link, still lists as well.

So, hurry up and wait has become an understatement! And the latest news posted here sure doesn't help give fans of Retro TV any encouragement. All we've got is the last words from Retro TV about 3 weeks ago now, "We're still working to make it happen and we apologize for he delay."

*addendum: Retro TV website back up as of 7PM PST 7/31/19

HOLD Retro website back down as of this morning 8/8/19. Still NO UPDATES.....Site back up this AM 8/9/19.....

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