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Retro TV Returns to SOCAL

So what's REALLY going on with Retro TV returning to SOCAL LA/OC???

As of this early post, still NO update on Retro's Facebook page. Retro TV owes its fans an explanation. Delay? Change of a channel to another station? (Interestingly, last weekend, June 15, when promised to start broadcasting on KWHY 22-2, real channel 4, which turned out to be a no show, KDOC 56-10, real channel 12, was available again for lease after about two weeks of broadcasting an Asian Shopping Network. Is Retro TV in negotiations with KDOC now? Who knows since there's been NO update!)

Since "mum" seems to be the word from Retro TV presently, I took a look at KWHY 22s website with the attitude, "if you can't beat them, join them." There was no mention of Retro TV anywhere that I could see, but they did have an interesting article on recommended antennas to watch their channel with, (if you can't read Spanish or translate it's easy to figure out).

As I also mentioned at the beginning of this thread, the Winegard HD7000R and an RCA indoor rabbit ears amplified antenna are what they recommend to receive their current real channel 4. Plus seen are two of Antennas Direct outdoor models, but I believe those were when KWHY 22 was broadcasting on real channel 42.

Poking around on the Net for any other relevant information about this very frustrating issue, I came across KWHY 22s Wikipedia page and RabbitEars.Info current market information. Both state clearly that Retro TV will "Soon" (their specific word) begin broadcasting on 22.2, real channel 4. I've listed the links below.

But when will Retro TV actually return to the SOCAL LA/OC market's? That's the million dollar question. Until they update and clarify on their Facebook page, you might as well take your chance at the crap tables in Las Vegas!

Come on Retro TV, do right by your fans! And let us know when and where we can expect some of our favorite shows to return!

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