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Retro TV Returns to SOCAL

Good to hear from you again, AdTech! Hope your runs all turned out well!

Just so I'm fair and accurate, here's the actual post from RetroTVs Facebook page regarding our above comments on said issue:

"Andrew Gallagher: I spoke to KWHY 22 and they told me the FCC ordered the station to weaken their signal. Years ago, they also told another Retro affiliate in Los Angeles, Channel 8, to weaken their signal to defer to an NBC affiliate in San Diego. Small TV stations in the U.S. don't have as much clout as the network owned or affiliated TV stations. The only solution is to invest in a roof antenna that picks up low-power stations."

As I said, I cannot confirm his conversation with KWHY 22, but this is what he posted. But it wouldn't surprise me, either. I've had a few conversations with several of our local TV stations regarding various issues, and they usually are very defensive and quick to point out an "outside culprit," as reason for the particular problem. But I agree with your assessment: "Have to throw the 'BS' flag on both those excuses."

Good to hear that the Flex is working for you on VHF 4 at that distance, even indoors
Yes, indeed AD Flex antenna is the most consistent and able performer in the class of indoor antennas I've used. I was surprised too, at it's reception of real channel 4, outside of its frequency specifications! If you get a chance to talk to your engineers, ask them to extend its "real estate" in an updated future version. That way when I really do get too old to play around with my antennas on my roof, I'll still be able to enjoy good reception indoors with a new Super Flex!

All the best, ADTech…..

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