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...the FCC has ordered KWHY to lower their signal so as not to interfere with another station....
Oh, that's a rich one! I don't suppose the station mentioned the $123,474,177 that they got for volunteering to sell their UHF allocation and agreeing to go to low-VHF. There is no station "near the California-Mexican border" on VHF 4 for them to interfere with. Have to throw the "BS" flag on both of those excuses.

At 35 kW on VHF 4, that's one of the "hottest" low-VHF channels on the air that I know of. Good to hear that the Flex is working for you on VHF 4 at that distance, even indoors! Not too surprised (due to the power levels) but it wouldn't be something I'd readily expect.

With two 720p and eight(!) SD sub-channels, I can hardly wait to hear about what their image quality is going to look like if they maintain that list of channels.
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