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Retro TV Returns to SOCAL

Posted a couple hours ago on their Facebook page, RetroTV has updated their reentry to the LA Market. Originally scheduled to air on June 1, due to a "slight delay," they will now begin on June 15.

Disappointed posters are lamenting the delay, but this will give some more time to change their OTA antennas to receive KWHY 22-2 (virtual, real channel 4). Some have lost reception of the station with their indoor antennas. And one person called KWHY 22 about the issue and was told that the FCC has ordered KWHY to lower their signal so as not to interfere with another station near the California-Mexican border.

I can't confirm the posters' call to KWHY 22, but 35 miles south of Mt. Wilson their signal is strong, on my Samsung TVs 34dB SNR. And according to the Longley-Rice map at RabbitEars, it confirms it. (See my above post for inexpensive and fairly easy antenna options).

Anyway, as is often the case in life, hurry up and wait.....
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