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RetroTV Returns to SOCAL

For those OTA enthusiast's in SOCAL LA/OC waiting for RetroTV to return after being off the air from virtual Zombie KBEH 63-3, or actually KWHY 22 (real channel 4 now after repack), good news was posted yesterday from Retro TV's Facebook site. They will be returning to KWHY 22-2 (virtual) on June 1, 2019. Facebook posts were pulling for KDOC 56-10 (virtual, real channel 12), since most folks out here seem to have antennas in the VHF-High/UHF range, but my best guess is the price was right for RetroTV with KWHY 22. Just guessing though.

So, I'm going to add a Winegard HD7000R to my outdoor set up to optimize my low VHF reception going forward with repack. You never know who else is going to end up "back to the future," on low VHF. (Check out the Amazon reviews for this antenna).

However, due to the "flame thrower" signal of KWHY 22, I'm actually picking up their signal on my 32" Samsung SNR 20dB, with my Antennas Direct Indoor ClearStream Flex! So, I would think that even the old standby indoor Rabbit Ears antennas might just capture their signal even stronger depending on your location, in a pinch, etc. BTW, I'm in a strong signal location and haven't noticed any local interference to real channel 4.

Anyway, RetroTV fans out here are cheering the return of their old school favorite programs!

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