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Originally Posted by ADTech View Post
Switching power supplies are a common culprit for creating interference into the VHF frequencies.

Is the power supply OEM to that laptop or an aftermarket replacement. If not OEM, then that's the first thing to consider replacing. Or, you could bring along a metal container to drop it into and see if you can suppress the radiated emissions that are interfering with reception.

Other options include maximizing distance between that laptop and its power supply relative to the antenna or, perhaps, relocating them (or the antenna) so they are at somewhat of a right angle to the antenna.

Perhaps a new laptop?
ADtech, The Laptop is an ASUS unit that was given to me by my son-in-law. I believe the power supply is original but will need to verify on my next trip up to the cabin.

Good idea! - I have an empty cookie/biscuit tin that I'll place the switching power supply into as a test on my next trip up to the cabin. Does the tin need to be grounded?

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