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Originally Posted by Johnsonbrits View Post
2) With an old analog AM portable radio tuned to no station and just listening for static type noise I noticed :-
a. Major interference coming from my powered up laptop which is located below the television. Noise to the extent that Channel 3 K0FB is blocked and cannot be scanned (laptop is used for streaming - e.g. U-tubeTV, Netflix, remote access to Hauppauge on home computer etc.)
b. With Laptop powered down from keyboard but AC power supply still plugged in, significant noise is detected from both the TV (inexpensive older Scepter 40" LCD)

I can live with powering down the laptop to reduce interference when watching OTA K0FB channel 3 but would like to find a decent solution to block interference from the laptop switching power supply and cabling (best location from my testing was to place the physical switching power supply in front of the stone fireplace which won't work long term for the wife :-)

Peter Johnson
Phoenix, AZ

I'm not sure what a switching power supply is, is it one of those multiple receptacles with a switch for each receptacle? It cannot be used with an extension cord further away from the TV?

I wonder if you could Shield it with aluminum foil? Just an idea. Like a Faraday cage.

I wonder if you could construct something that's going to be okay with your wife. I know you just can't wrap the power supply in aluminum foil, but maybe you can construct something that's painted on one side with foil on the inside? Or even some sheet aluminum? Some sort of divider?

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