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Copied, Rabbit, thank you.

I started off the project last night. As a first test, I fetched a Winegard FlatWave Amped indoor antenna from Costco and stuck it in the corner of my living room by the TV. It was facing the kitchen wall, a refrigerator, cabinets, powder room wall, neighbor's kitchen (it's condo block), neighbor's garage, a birch, other condo blocks, hill ....

I tuned it twice and each time it was the same result. I stuck it on the east facing window and it got worse understandably. But I'll admit I was surprised. ABC was perfect. Comcast wasn't delivering any better. ION was ok. CBS was on and off. PBS was bad but did manage to catch it a few times before it evaporated.

The experience gave me much confidence and a few reference points if you will. Perhaps the DB4e will do. However, I'm thinking the DB8e, even if an overkill, will cover me better for a future home. I'm assuming I'll have to play around so that it is directed within the 20 degree arc. (My stations are between 352 and 8 degrees)

Can ADTech or Rabbit or others suggest how I can stack the add-on VHF dipole on the DB8e?. I have about 8 feet or so to the peak of the attic and about 6-8' width before an A/C duct comes into play laterally. Since the DB8e is short of 38", I think I'll be ok. If they're stacked on a mast (bowties below, VHF above), how much space must be between them? Or could the VHF be snapped onto or behind the bowtie?
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