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Is there a significant difference between DB8and DB8e other than the extended range, particularly in the context of an attic installation? (The furthest station is no more than 23 miles away).
The Antennas Direct DB8 is an older model. The DB8e is a redesign for the new, and smaller, UHF band 14-51. The DB8e has two panels that can be aimed in different directions, but you must aim them both in the same direction for max gain. At the present time, the AD DB8e has the best gain for a UHF 8-bay antenna. However, this is only true if the wave front presented to the antenna is uniform. Sometimes a 4-bay antenna will outperform an 8-bay antenna in a non-uniform field.

Mileage figures for antennas are of little use; they are a creation of marketing departments and are only good for comparing antennas in the same series. What counts is the signal strength at your antenna and the terrain path obstructions between the transmitting antenna and your antenna.

If the transmitter is only 5 miles away but you are behind a mountain, how important is the 5 mile figure?

In this case in Canada the transmitter is only 2.8 miles away, but the reception is poor because of the escarpment:
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