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I saw the High VHF antenna supply coming some time ago, so I designed a very good four element HVHF antenna for my customers. Building in small batches, but I will offer to anyone needing a very good antenna for channels 7-13. 3/8" solid rods, 14 gauge aluminum mast, and stainless steel hardware. 30" boom. Contact me if you need one.
Just out of curiosity, what do you charge for one of your Hi-VHF antennas? My mother-in-law is in a very peculiar situation where she lives and can somehow, someway pick up ION out of Martinsburg WV (I believe?). I know it's there because I picked it up with a home made 8-bay. The other channels she wanted were nearly 180 degrees the other direction, so I couldn't leave it pointed that direction. I'm thinking maybe I could join them.
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