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Grounding your antenna

I've installed two roof antennas and grounded them by connecting a heavy gauge wire form the base of the antenna to the copper vent pipes that run through the attic from the plumbing system. Just use a worm gear clamp around the mast and the vent pipes. I have a photo, but I can't see to upload it here.

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I want to cut the cord and put a antenna in my attic. I have read many mixed opinions on grounding in the attic, so I have decided to ground just to be safe side. I have no idea how to ground it though. My house ground rod is not to far from where the antenna will go, but the copper will have to go out and down one side of my house. I plan to tie the coax into the existing cable already ran in my home for cable TV. This cable comes into the house fed from a grounded splitter outside, so I assume that make the coax already grounded? I need any suggestions or anything that can help me know what to do and how to ground my antenna.
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