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Originally Posted by GroundUrMast View Post
Short answer, yes.

I've yet to see any DTV manufacturers disclose the exact method used to indicate signal "strength" or "quality". (Which term used does not seem to be based on the precise definition of the word used on the TV display.)

That said, I would venture to guess that most DTV signal meters use digital error rate and possibly RF stage AGC level in some combination with digital error rate.

Sony is an exception that also provides reporting of signal to noise ratio, but how they measure SNR is not on their home page.
Glad to know that. <sighhhh> It seems like this whole digital transition was just another way of government just trying to make things "fun" for us. Analog was fine - if you could deal with varying degrees of snow versus the absolute terms of digital ALL or NONE.

Oh well. "progress"
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