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No, I don't own a Fracarro. However, I'm considering the
  • 3-ft Sigma 6HD versus the the 7.75-ft A..D. 91XG for UHF
  • 4.9-ft Fracarro BLV6F versus the 8.3-ft Winegard YA-1713 or 10-ft Antannacraft Y-10-7-13 for VHF

If you're "trying to get stations from 107miles away" that is a tall order given the curvature of the Earth. You may be interested in the following article where they report such success:
Lots of Channel choices for Free Over-The-Air HDTV in Michiganís Upper Peninsula
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Broadcast TV - a vital public resource

Just say "no" to a never-ending subscription TV bill that increases faster than the rate of inflation.

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