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Carefully read the PDF that you linked to. This antenna was designed for Europe. The spectrum of channels that it is designed to receive is intended for those markets, not the North American market. Of the stations in your area, these antennas can't receive channels on the low-end of the UHF spectrum that are available to you, but is designed to receive channels on the high-end that are unused. For example, KTBW-DT broadcasts in real Channel 14. The lowest that any of the Fracarro models can receive is Channel 21. Your maximum channel is Channel 51 which KIRO-DT broadcasts on. For the sake of argument, I ignore K62FS on Channel 62.

Perhaps of greater concern is the mass of each Fracarro antenna. The BLU920F comes in at 9.88 kg (21.8 lbs) making it the lightest model from the company.

Don't rule out the Fracarro BLU_920F based on the above inaccurate comments.

The Fracarro pdf states:

1.) Bandwidth 470 862 MHz
Per Wikipedia,
North American Broadcast Television Frequencies:
  • UHF Channel 14 begins at 470 MHz
  • UHF Channel 51 ends at 698 MHz
  • UHF Channel 69 ends at 806 MHz
  • UHF Channel 79 ends at 866 MHz
2.) Weight
unit weight 3.16 Kg (= 6.96660 lb or 6 lb and 15.46 oz)
box 3 Pieces
total weight 9.50 Kg
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