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Kitztech KT-200

Just got this today.

Hooked it up next to my RS antenna, put in a brand new 100-ft RG6 cable run to Artec DTV converter box.

Now channel RF 19 (22.1) from Orcas Island has a picture (before it was just a signal blip on the signal meter).

Also, now I see a signal blip on RF 17 (CIVI) and RF 22 (CHAN) , RF 24 (Orcas Island), but still no picture yet.

So, I'm getting "closer."

Sounds like my next step is 91XG antenna, eh?

Roughly speaking on Sony TV, before I for a given channel, its SNR was at 18,19... then when I put in the KT-200, its SNR was 22-23... so improved about 2-3dB SNR.. Is that about right?
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