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Uh. that 290 model shows freq range starting at 470 (channel 14) to 862 (past RF 60)... so that seems to cover the low end UHF and past channel 51 .. so what's the problem? Other than its highest gain is past what's usable today (but same problem with 91XG).

Also, its weight says "unit" about 3kg (7lbs?) and "total" weight is almost 10kg (22 lbs?).. so not sure what's the different between these two weights.

91XG itself is about 6lbs... so if you compare to their "unit" weight. it's about the same..

if you're talking 22lbs, then yes, that is too heavy antenna to be for a regular user to use.

As for that CM model you listed.. that *looks* like my current antenna which I always thought is a Radio Shack VU-190 model.. though I have no idea who to tell, not sure if there is any label on it to say it's a RS, Antennacraft or CM model (those LPDA antennas all look the same). heh.
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