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Thanks Tripelo.

Calaveras, a guy with some great technical knowledge like you guys here, told me his one quarter wave transformer does the job. He's moved it around from different arrays. He also told me it was fairly broadband across the spectrum.

His is soldered permanently. I could try that.

The reason I made my 50 ohm quarter wave stubs with the RG11 connectors is so I could easily substitute other lengths.

I have to either find out what I am doing wrong with my 1/4 wave sections or..
Do the 300 Ohm twin lead harness, which seems like a lot of trouble too.

I have done some research but photos and diagrams are hard to find.

My local electronics store Chester's Electronics in Kenosha Wisconsin had everything I need. So I bought everything to start. It was curbside pickup. They're being extra careful too. It was cool, the salesman came out talk to me and knew exactly what I wanted :

20 bucks. It's worth a try. I do not know the values of the ferrite.

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