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Originally Posted by bobsgarage View Post
I figured the "T" connector would do all that is required:
Yes it might.

Have examined a few of those. Those examined here are not good quality.
The connection inside was pressure contact, probably very light pressure contact.

The parts that grab the insert connector pin were fragile, easily damaged by insertions.
And they had very little grip on the inserted connector pin.

Seem there was no design to match the impedance inside the 'T'.

Your 'T's' may be better quality.

Even with quality shortcomings, if you can insure good reliable contact,
the 'T' could be a somewhat better way than open loop connections.

Do you think that soldering the tips from the RG 11 connectors on to the RG 8 changes something? What I'm wondering is is the cable length sacrificed because the contact tips add another inch at each end of the cable.

For example. If the overall stub should be 4 and 1/2 inches, the RG 8 has to be cut to 2.5" inches because the tips from the RG 11 connectors are 1" each.
Depends on soldering technique.
Soldering connector tips is probably only a small small disturbance.

The length of the Q-line includes everything between the 75 Ohm line
and the point at where the joint is made.

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