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Adapting RG 11 connectors to RG 8

So back to my RG 8 stubs. I have been trimming back the shielding simply because I don't want it hanging out past the connector shell and I figure the inner barrel will make contact with it anyways. You are correct in the one photo I sent you I had trim back the outer layer too far. That's kind of an old pic I don't actually do it that way at least now. I usually trim back the outer skin to about 3/16".

Then I shove and I shove as hard as possible the connector all the way on, It Ain't Easy. Quite a pain actually. I've ruined many a connector by not putting enough effort into shoving them on as far as possible.

So I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't be trimming back the shielding as far as I have been. Or maybe this RG 8 isn't what it says it is? I figured by right, all RG 8 must be 50 ohm...

I kind of liked my idea of adapting the RG 11 connectors to work with the RG 8 as it makes it so convenient to test. It seems like it should work.

So I'll ask this question. Do you think that soldering the tips from the RG 11 connectors on to the RG 8 changes something? What I'm wondering is is the cable length sacrificed because the contact tips add another inch at each end of the cable.

For example. If the overall stub should be 4 and 1/2 inches, the RG 8 has to be cut to 2.5" inches because the tips from the RG 11 connectors are 1" each.

I've got plenty of RG 8 and RG 11 connectors to play with. I'll make more.
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