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Originally Posted by rabbit73 View Post
When I look at the text box for your post #2 as if I were going to quote you in a reply, I see links to attachments. Those links have the BB code to show the images in the post, but the images do not show. They do not show because you didn't add the images as attachments to the post. You must first add images as attachments to a post, then you can add the BB code for img so they will show in the post. Like this:


Not sure what happened there. When I previewed my post, It looked great, all the pics were there, the links surrounded by: [IMG] [/IMG].

Then later when I looked, the images were gone. I have seen this before when closing the "manage attachments" box, I have lost my attachments. Possibly by uploading from my phone and editing it on my phone? Dunno.

I fixed it, for now.

Test pic:
Attached Images
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